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Here's a list of actions you can take to help make Iowa a better place to work and live for our families.

  • Join the Scott Walker Truth Squad!
    Governor Branstad is "inspired" to follow Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's lead. His inspiration would spell disaster for working and middle class Iowans. Help us share the truth about Scott Walker's dangerous policies!
  • Say Thank You to Tom Harkin
    Thank Senator Harkin for his progressive leadership for all Iowans!
  • Tell Bob Vander Plaats: He Does NOT Represent Iowa
    Bob Vander Plaats has provided a platform for hateful rhetoric through his organization, the Family Leader, and he has attempted to inject politics into Iowa courts. Tell him that his values are NOT Iowa values - he does not represent Iowa!
  • Tell Gov. Branstad: Iowa Women Deserve Better
    Governor Branstad is playing politics with women's health care decisions, proving that politicians make lousy doctors. Tell him today: Iowa Women Deserve Better.
  • Tell Matt Schultz to Stop Playing Politics with our Right to Vote!
    After months of telling Iowans a Voter ID law is about protecting voters, Matt Schultz admitted that Voter ID is really about scoring political wins for conservatives. Tell him our right to vote is more important than his partisan agenda.
  • Tell Rep. Forristall: Stop Hiding ALEC from Iowans
    Rep. Greg Forristall is hiding ALEC's activities from Iowans, despite his claim that he wants a "participatory" process. Tell him to release information about ALEC's secretive activities!
  • Tell Terry Branstad: Expand Medicaid for Iowa!
    We support Medicaid Expansion for Iowa. Governor Branstad's refusal will cost lives and money. We cannot afford to wait, we must expand Medicaid now.
  • Protect Voting Rights
    The Supreme Court struck down a key provision of the Voting Rights Act; and in Iowa, Secretary of State Matt Schultz seems determined to suppress voter turnout with changes to our laws that are not needed. Join us to protect voting rights.
  • Tell Steve King to Apologize!
    Steve King claimed undocumented workers have killed three thousand times as many as people 9/11. That's both offensive and untrue. Tell King to Apologize.


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